Become a CoralPickup Seller.

Sell a large number of coral frags as a business or a few corals at a time as a hobbyist.

Make mone by helping our customers find and buy local corals.

Whether you’re a coral fragging hobbyiest or a full blown coral selling business, working with CoralPickup can help you make sales. 

Whatever your coral growing skill set or level, becoming a seller with CoralPickup can deliver regular ongoing sales – as much or as little as you like.

We do not accept every coral seller who applies to CoralPickup – but if you’re accepted you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Guaranteed, fixed pay rates
  • Instant payment splitting with store
  • No bumping listings in forums
  • No overseas competition (U.S. only)
  • Regular ongoing views of your corals

When you register, here’s what will happen next:

  • We’ll verify your identity and reefing history
  • We’ll communicate with you on your expectations
  • We’ll ask you questions about your coral growing skill level

Why Sell With CoralPickup?


Our sales fees are based on sales volume or membership levels. Seller fees are as low as 5% per frag sold.


Our payment system initiates a direct deposit after each completed sale.


We provide support and marketing training videos and live support.

How it Works

  • CoralPickup notifies you of a purchase

  • Communicate with buyer to arrange pickup

  • Meet up with the buyer to provide the frag(s)

  • Mark sale as complete in CoralPickup

  • Get paid!

Get Started

Register Online

Complete the registration form and check your email to complete your registration.

Get Qualified

After you complete your registration, we will work on reviewing your coral growing skills and references.

Start Selling

Complete the on-boarding process, get your CoralPickup seller vendor account, and list your corals.