We are on a mission to organize the world’s local coral growers and
make their frags easy to find and buy from their fellow local reefers.

What we really do?

We aim to be a leader as a local coral retailer and marketplace. We strive to inspire, educate, and motivate our reefing customers and sellers on the importance of aquaculturing corals and doing business with local hobbyists.

Our Vision

Our grand vision is to have local coral selling vendors all over the world to provide a network of individuals and businesses who promote sustainable coral propagation. In doing so will give our coral shopping customers the best way to browse, buy, and pickup corals in their location and neighboring locations.

Our History

CoralPickup was launched in February 2020. The website and local coral selling service was launched by Kelsi Guidry because he saw a need for an easier way to promote local corals for sale as well as an easier way to find and buy local corals. Kelsi used his website development skills and reefing relationships to launch the first coral marketplace focused on local pickup.

Cooperate with Us!

We are open to various business and organizational relationships. If you have an idea, please share it with us. CoralPickup is only as good as its stakeholders.

What we strive for

We plan to give high quality support and customer service to our buyers and sellers. We believe providing great support will lead us to accomplishing our vision.

We strive to work with sellers who take pride in their reef tanks and coral growing systems. We only want to work with coral sellers who can provide good quality corals to our customers.